Head Coach - Pat Lester

Pat grew up paddling at the Carleton Place Canoe Club and paddled at the National level for many years. Passionate about sport and athlete development, Pat is a Competition Development Certified coach through the National Coaching Certification Program. He has been coaching at the CPCC for over 10 years, 5 of which were in his current role as Head Coach.

2019 Executive Council

Commodore - Kim Anderson commodore@cpcanoeclub.com

Vice Commodore - David Hallam vicecommodore@cpcanoeclub.com

Rear Commodore - Ben Brandino rearcommodore@cpcanoeclub.com

Treasurer - Donna Maher finance@cpcanoeclub.com

Registrar - Heather Barkell registrar@cpcanoeclub.com

Programs & Coaching - Cindy Henderson programs@cpcanoeclub.com

Equipment - Don Leverette equipment@cpcanoeclub.com

Transportation - Jim Giff transportation@cpcanoeclub.com

Parent Liaison - Terry McDonald liaison@cpcanoeclub.com

Past Commodore - Kerri-Ann Redwood pastcommodore@cpcanoeclub.com