Winter Training 2019-2020

Winter Training at the CPCC

The CPCC is offering winter training programs to athletes and families in the Carleton Place and surrounding communities. This winter our programs will be divided into three tiers. Each tier is intended to target a specific age group, but they also allow for a more flexible training schedule for those who are busy with other sports, or who simply want to participate in specific training activities only. The CPCC’s dry-land training programs are age and stage of development specific, and as such it is coach’s discretion regarding athletes enrolling in programs outside of their age group. Please contact Head Coach Pat Lester with any questions via

*Please note that programs will not run during the Christmas Holidays or from March 16th – April 4th. Training programs to complete at home will be provided for these weeks.


Winter Registration Options

Tier III - High Performance and Junior Development (starting at age 14 based on coach’s recommendation)

Based on the Learning to Compete, Training to Compete and Training to Win stages of CKC’s LTAD model this program will give athletes 6-10 sessions per week with the goal of preparing them for success at Provincial, National and International competition. Training sessions will target further development of specific endurance, speed, and strength through activities such as weight lifting, circuit training, running, swimming, XC skiing, and stretching/yoga. Sport nutrition and sport psychology information sessions will also be provided. Participants in this program will be following a detailed and individualized yearly training plan (YTP). Cost: $715  


 Tier II – Train to Train Strength & Fitness Development

This program will allow participants to attend up to 5 sessions per week. The goals of this program are centered on general strength, aerobic fitness, and racing development for the 2020 season. Training sessions will target the development of general endurance, speed, and strength through high intensity circuit training, swimming, running, XC Skiing, and functional and dynamic strength training. Cost: $450 for up to 5 sessions/week

 Tier I – Learn to Train Strength & Fitness Introduction

This program will allow participants to attend up to 3 afternoon/weekend sessions per week throughout the winter. This tier also offers a 2 sessions/week option for participants unable to make the 3:00pm start times. This 2 session option will allow participants to start at 4:00pm on Monday and Friday afternoons. Programming will include many different activities with a primary focus on developing fundamental movement/athletic skills and physical literacy. Core strength and stability, general aerobic development, and an introduction to strength development will be key components for this program and will be developed through high intensity circuit training, technical body weight training, running, swimming, stretching/yoga, and XC skiing. Cost: $270 for up to 3 sessions/week OR $185 for 2 sessions/week on Monday’s & Fridays from 4:00 – 5:30pm


For more information please contact Head Coach Pat Lester via