We are well underway and already preparing for a fantastic summer that the kids, athletes and parents will all enjoy!  If you are new to the CPCC please take some time with your child to view our website and also review our all of our policies.  Returning members might want to check them out as a refresher as well as they are full of great information.  Information on hours of operation, what to bring, regattas etc. will be updated on our website very soon.  If you still have questions please contact our Registrar at registrar@cpcanoeclub.com or info@cpcanoeclub.com  


For paddlers planning on participating in Regattas the schedule for this coming summer can be found HERE.  We encourage everyone to "save the dates". This is a great opportunity for your young athlete to showcase their hard work and share their successes with teammates, family and friends.  Parent meetings will be held before each regatta to work out logistics, expectations and answer any questions you may have. 


Beginning at 9:00am on June 29th, coaches and some board members will be available to parents to answer questions.  Volunteers will be on hand to set up "summer pizza orders", sell racing shirts, answer questions, give tours of the facilities etc..  CPCC also has many full time summer supervisor staff who will be available throughout the early morning to assist with any questions you may have. 


All paddlers are required to wear a government approved life vest (PFD) while on the water.  The CPCC does provide PFD's, however it is highly recommended that you bring your own. Please label accordingly.



Please note that the first two to three days of the program will be spent on proficiency testing and club orientation. Children will be taught how to tip, turn and tow a boat and how to treat the equipment properly. They will get to know their coaches and their crewmates games and activities.  It is during this first couple of days that you may have questions. Please feel free to contact any board member or your child’s coach.  Please direct general questions to info@cpcanoeclub.com.  


Summer programming is suitable for all kids; however, some kids do not enjoy being physically active all day.  There is a lot of noise and activity at the club and except for the odd rain day they are pretty much moving all of the time. There are breaks and time for “chilling” but if your child prefers alone time and quiet pursuits, this program may be a challenge for them.  On the other hand, it could be what brings them out of their shell and introduces them to a whole new crop of kids that encourage them and push outside of their comfort zone.  In the end, we run great programs but know that for some, it just isn’t the right fit.  And that’s ok!  Better to try different things and find the right one than never to try anything! The coaches are available to discuss your child’s activities at the end of the day when they are not watching the whole group.  


Paddles, boats and lifejackets are provided.  Diligent care of equipment is a necessity at CPCC due to the high cost of equipment. We invest heavily in new equipment every year and it is absolutely necessary for the boats to be well treated. We want to make sure we have our fleet operational all year to make sure the kids spend as much time in them as possible. 


This brings us to another point!  It is important for parents to understand that your child will NOT be in a boat for 7 hours each day. Our programs are designed to have kids in a variety of boats, with a variety of crews in a variety of ways. They will participate in war canoe, dragon boat, singles and crew boats throughout the week but will also be involved in swimming, soccer, volleyball, running, basketball and maybe even more importantly, spending time with other kids!  This is summer after all, and the Olympics are a long way off.  The majority of our summer kids belong to CPCC because they want to be active and they want to be with their friends. Don't forget, regattas are a great way to spend a day or two on the weekend in the summer.  It is after the summer program that some of our kids decide to take it to the next level and join the fall and winter training programs. We encourage all parents to read Canoe Kayak Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Plan as this is the framework that helps to guide our programming. 


If you still have questions please contact any one of our board members or coaching staff. 

Pat Lester, Head Coach and CPCC Board of Directors