The Carleton Place Canoe Club ~ Now Offering Recreational Boat Rentals!

2019 Summer PILOT Project

When you arrive at the Canoe Club our friendly

    staff will greet you in front of the boat bays and help you

    with your boat rental.

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday from 9:00am - 3:00pm 

(please note that the canoe club will be closed on holidays)


 Ages: Participants must be 18+

 Participants under the age of 18 require an adult with them on the water at all times.

 Previous paddling experience not required. 

 All renters will be assessed for paddling abilities. 

Renters will need to demonstrate boat stability and control

(i.e. going in a straight line & stopping).


Rules While Paddling

  • LOCATION – you must stay within our rental zones, which is between the beach and highway bridge. 
  • LIFE JACKETS – must be worn at ALL TIMES on water
  • ALCOHOL or DRUGS – no rentals are permitted while under the influence or suspected use of.
  • THUNDER/LIGHTNING? – get back to the beach and off the water immediately & find shelter indoors.
  • IF CAPSIZED – STAY WITH YOUR BOAT! - Signal for assistance (wave hands/paddle & blow whistle)
  • BIGGER BOATS – give them the RIGHT OF WAY. Be aware at all times & in all directions
  • ADULT – A person over 18 years must be in the boat (group) at all times.

Waivers MUST be signed upon arrival. 

Some form of government issued ID must be shown at time of check-in.

First come first serve.


PAY  ONLINE VIA PAYPAL with Credit or Debit  - no exceptions.

You must book 1 "appointment" for each boat rental.

(ie. 3 boats = book three appointments) 

No refunds.

Unfortunately we can not offer refunds once you have booked your boat.  

Much of this program is run by volunteers, 

so please keep an eye on the forecast before you book.

Safety is CPCC's number one priority, our Dock Master reserves the right to cancel your rental at any time.

Enjoy your time on the water!  We hope you enjoy your time at the club!